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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 5, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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with brooke baldwin. >> suzanne, thanks so much. hello to you. happy friday. i'm brooke baldwin. a month and a day now, a month and a day until the election and, folks, we have a whole new conversation. >> this morning, we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> the president and his supporters, they're basking in the glow of the government's monthly jobs report. it is unexpectedly good. the nation's rate of unemployment took three ticks downward, 7.8%, that is still high, yes, but it is not political poison as in 8% or above. september jobs creation hit six figures, 114,000, and this is pretty interesting here because as it often does, the labor department revised its find frgz the last two months. revised them way upward. its latest tally is at 142,000 new jobs in august. that is up from 96,000. and the new tally for july
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topped 180,000 new jobs. mitt romney, just like the president in virginia today as well, is saying the recent unemployment keeps dropping is that more and more americans have given up, given up finding work and they're not counted as unemployed. >> i'll tell you this, when i'm president of the united states, when i'm president of the united states, that unemployment rate is going to come down not because people are giving up and dropping out of the workforce, but because we're creating more jobs. i will create jobs and get america working again. >> and, you know, we're going to talk about politics here, but before we do that, this unexpected drop of the unemployment rate deserves a much closer look. alison kosik with you at the new york stock exchange, 7.8%, what is behind the number? >> okay, brooke, the unemployment rate fell because more people said that they had jobs, that's different from the previous month when he saw the
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unemployment rate drop a little bit because people dropped out of the workforce, people stopped looking for work. so in september, with this jobs report that we got today, when government workers called up people on the phone, in this survey and asked them if they're employed, almost 900,000 more people said they had jobs in september than in august. that is why you saw the unemployment rate fall to 7.8%. okay. then there is a second separate survey used to come up with the 114,000 number, those job additions, which, you know in reality was just okay because that's not enough to keep up with population growth. now, most economists say that that number is the more important one. here is a little perspective. look at this. while 114,000 is a lot better than a few years ago, plus we have been adding jobs for with years now, there is -- the harsh reality is that 114,000, once again, is not enough to make up for the millions of jobs that were lost during the recession. brooke? >> so now that we know what is going on economically speaking, alison kosik, thank you, we promised we would talk politics. let's do precisely that.
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let me bring in jessica yel jes our chief white house correspondent. what is it that you think makes the white house happier today, the fact that unemployment is under the 8% mark or the fact that the president's tepid performance was suddenly knocked out of the lead in the news? >> i'm sure they're happy to be changing -- turning the page on that one, brooke. but also good news for them that they can argue with some evidence that the president's policies are gaining some -- his economic policies are gaining traction with actual data to back it up. here is what the president said at a campaign rally earlier today about these new economic numbers. >> it is a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. because of your strength and resilience, the strength and resilience of the american people, we made too much
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progress to return to the policies that led to the crisis in the first place. i can't allow that to happen, i won't allow that to happen and that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. >> now, the romney campaign has already, you know, argued that these numbers aren't strong enough and that real unemployment number is 11% if you count everybody who is not even looking for work. but the bottom line for the obama campaign is his slogan is forward. and the argument there making is he has been trying to dig the economy out of a massive hole. we were facing this economic collapse and he came into office and he has a long way to go. he needs four more years to make the difference that he's -- that we're starting to make now. and that we just need to believe that his policies do make a difference. he can now point to the data to say, look, they're making that difference. >> so that tells me even though we for so many people, the psychological
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number, eight, not that we're under the 8% mark in unemployment, do the obama folks think we're not over the hump, economically speaking? >> they concede that and that people are still hurting and what matters to people at home is not some number that the labor department puts out, but their own economic circumstance and whether they have a job, whether they know somebody unemployed and this is very abstract. so people are still hurting. but in terms of the political gamesmanship, 8% is an important marker because when the president passed the stimulus, one of his economists projected, it wasn't a promise, but a projection that 8% would be -- we would not be above 8% with the stimulus and because we were for so long, republicans were able to say the stimulus didn't work, now they can say, look, there is evidence that political football can maybe go away for now. >> jessica yellin, thank you. that's one interpretation of today's number. let's get the other side, the
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new jobs report forced republican mitt romney to alter his attack on the president. with reaction from mitt romney, here is jim acosta. >> reporter: after a couple of days of very positive reviews for his debate performance against president obama, mitt romney is running in political news that may be blunting that momentum. the new unemployment report showing that the jobless rate has dipped below 8%, really taking away one of his key lines of attack against the president. for months, mitt romney has been saying the president failed to take the nation's unemployment rate below 8%, but at an event here in coal country in virginia, romney found a new way to crunch the numbers. here is what he had to say. >> there were fewer new jobs created this month than last month, and the unemployment rate, as you noted this year, has come down very, very slowly. but it has come down nonetheless. the reason it has come down this year is primarily due to the fact that more and more people have just stopped looking for work. >> reporter: now for much of this weekend, romney will be campaigning across the state of
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florida, a state where the economic message will resonate on the state's unemployment rate has gone down in recent months, it is well above the national average. brooke? >> jim acosta for us in virginia. jim, thank you. also, we have some quick reaction from the heartland to the new jobs picture today. iowa, iowa is one of the swing states that could go either way in the election. so we have been talking to voters in des moines, and, shannon, what are they telling you? >> brooke, you know that iowa voters know their issues, they know their politics. you better believe they're fully aware of the jobs numbers. i was out talking with the -- as you mentioned. take a look at the reaction. >> it is encouraging, but i don't know that it is where it is going to stay, i feel like it might go back up. >> if the numbers are accurate, that's always a positive thing. i don't know how you can spin it negatively, but i'm sure someone will. >> i think any improvement in the job numbers is obviously good. and i'm glad it is happening and
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i'm glad it is happening before the election. >> i think there is still a long way to go in the economy, some commendable things the president has done. i think obviously we have high unemployment, i think people are still struggling. >> now, brooke, i want to tell you here in des moines i spoke with some people who are unemployed, one woman told me that she has been unemployed for a year and things have gotten worse for her. she feels because of president obama, another person, an obama supporter, said although he's unemployed, he understands the situation that the president inherited. brooke? >> we still have one more monthly jobs report before that november 6th election. shannon travis, thank you, shannon. one expert says america is becoming a country of kings, and then everyone else. so is he right? is the wealth gap the economy's biggest problem? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. faulty screws?
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here is the deal today. american airlines now blaming the beverages, talking soda and
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coffee for seats becoming loose during three recent flights. the spokeswoman says buildup, specifically the buildup from the spilled soda and coffee actually played a part in why this locking mechanism right here for the seats has not been working right. cnn's george howell is on the story and we're going to talk soda and coffee in a many up. >> and popcorn. don't forget, popcorn. >> this is serious. >> so on a regular day, today we would have eight cancellations in the system for american airlines. today is not a regular day. there are 44 canceled flights in the system for american airlines today alone. 50 just yesterday. so what we're seeing now, these mechanics are going through, they have already identified 48 of these 757 jets, they checked them before, but they're doing it again and they're retro fitting this device with another mechanism to make sure the seats stay on the floor. >> hang on. talk to me about this device a little bit more and why spilled soda, coffee and popcorn is
11:14 am
breaking it. >> the hybrid of responses. let's start with the first. we talked to delta today about this latest explanation about basically blaming the passengers for spilled drinks, for popcorn, for coffee that is spilled over and over time contributed to the wear and tear on this seat plunger, the seat lock plunger, a pin and hook system that keeps these seats on the floor. >> okay. >> so that's the first. two days ago, brooke, we talked to american and they said, look, it was clamps these clamps put on backwards. we learned that was on one flight where the clamps were on backward. they identified that jet. and we heard from the union. the union pointed the finger at outsource maintenanced work as the problem. delta airlines -- not delta, american, they deny that is the case. but, you know, several different possible cause for this happening. >> okay, but -- okay, i understand that. but people spill on any other airline. i mean, i've spilled, people spill, why is this happening --
11:15 am
>> yeah. >> why is this just american airlines? >> it is interesting. you know, we have reached out to other airlines to find out what is happening. we checked with delta, and delta told us they have a maintenance program where they check, not a problem for them. we checked with united, they have different seats, different seats, late model seats used on american airlines. but none of the airlines would tell us what would happen if drinks, if popcorn, if coffee spilled over. american airlines says this is one of the possible reasons, part of the reason why these seats came loose. >> frustrating. one thing to be delayed. another thing to have a flight canceled. >> they're goal is to make sure if you get on row 12, you stay on row 12 by the time you land. >> george howell, thank you very much. now, folks in one state have watched their gas prices jump by nearly 20 cents a gallon in a single day. one day. so what is behind the spike and will there be a ripple effect nationwide? first, can computer geeks
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fix your government? dr. sanjay gupta profiles one woman who says a solution can be found in the exploding world of smartphone apps. >> most people have seen that geeks have changed the world so much in the past 10 or 20 years that they haven't changed government yet. we get people to take a year off. it is designers, product managers, people from the technical industries, and we get them to work with people in city hall to solve problems in the cities for a year. >> she wants to fix local government one smartphone app at a time. this sunday on "the next list."
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everyone complains about gas prices, but wait until you see what happened overnight in california. cnn's paul vercammen reports from los angeles and, paul, what happened. >> brooke, here in california, absolute misery at the pump. in los angeles alone, prices jumped 19 cents a gallon overnight. at this station, prices at $4.61. we talked to a motorist on his way to a new job this morning and he can hardly believe his eyes. >> well, like i told you before, this is sticker shock for me.
11:21 am
i'm amazed. i actually went to three -- this is my third gas station this morning. i thought it was a mistake. and, you know, i'm -- i'm here -- i'm at $60 for three-quarters of a tank. i'm shocked. >> reporter: many different factors driving up gas prices in california. there were problems with the pipeline, problems with refineries, all of this choking off supply. they hope to get this remedied in the future. one thing that they may do is they may go it a winter grade of gasoline earlier than expected in california and that could bring some relief, brooke. protesters flood the streets of amman, jordan. take a look. thousands turn out after being called by jordan's muslim brotherhood to take to the streets, all of this comes just one day after jordan's king dissolved the country's parliament and called for new elections. jordan's muslim brotherhood is calling for a boycott of the elections.
11:22 am
it is a move that could throw the country into political crisis. back here at home, the new jobless numbers, they look better, but are they? we're going to find out what is behind these numbers today including one surprise and what they tell us about where the economy is headed. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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11:26 am
this country get hit with another round of topdown economics. >> there are fewer new jobs created this month than last month, and the unemployment rate, as you noted this year, has come down very, very slowly. >> so what is the reality behind all this rhetoric and what is likely to come in the months ahead? let me bring in economist and forecaster diane swonk, here to help us sort through all the numbers. diane, welcome. you are a chief economist for mesero financial. 7.8%. is this a turning point? >> it won't be a turning point until it has gone on for several months. unfortunately his numbers are extremely volatile and on a statistical basis, it is not different than 7.6%. it can go either way here. >> now we're under the 8%, it is like -- >> there is a threshold, it is a threshold, yeah. the most important issue is you can't fool the american public. at the end of the day, they know
11:27 am
what is going on. the labor market, we have grown, still growing, but growing unevenly and not growing robustly. we know that. i think part of the reason we have seen a comeback, though it is back to the levels we saw last spring, still consistent with recession, not recovery, but better than it was, it is because housing prices have gone up. and that really matters to more american households than anything else, along with jobs. so the jobs picture is still very mixed, very uneven. the payroll data could be revised up, the last two months revised up, could be revised down. you got to take this -- no one month does a trend make. >> i hear you. we need several months in a row. several months in a row. we do know this, in terms of unemployment among college graduates, it has stayed pretty constant in the last couple of months. but we also notice that it has fallen a little bit among high school dropouts. what i was curious about, the quality of the job. how quality are these jobs that people are now finding? >> well, that's the best question out there the reality is one of the things we saw, we
11:28 am
saw this big increase in households, household survey which does the unemployment rate. it is at 873,000 more people, which is huge. it was a bit of a catch-up, running a little cooler than the overall numbers before. a catch-up there. but two-thirds of the increase came from people accepting part time instead of full time work when working for full time work. this is people coming off of unemployment insurance, accepting anything they can just to get a job, and it is not necessarily earning even enough to keep the food on the table, let alone pay their rent. there still is a issue on quality of jobs and college grads today because we have had this prolonged period of persistently high unemployment. if they get a job, they're accepting jobs out of their main field and not any kind of income that they're undermining their potential because they're not working in the area they're qualified to work in. >> that's frustrating for so many of them, also frustrating when you look at the manufacturing sector. september jobs, manufacturing jobs, 16,000. and that's not a good sign. >> yes. >> no.
11:29 am
in fact, that was one of the interesting things about the payroll survey, you get to tailor it to economies out there where on the domestic economy, it looks better. retailers were excited about the holiday season, i think it is a little premature from my own perspective. they're excited about it. >> why premature? >> well, because september retail sales, the early number on september were cooler than august and july and they're not exactly hot, let's face it. a lot of the spending is on gas. retailers got excited with a little strength over the ummer, and it doesn't look like it was carried into september by the same store sales. i'm a little suspicious about that. but retailers are saying they're hiring up and they did in september. on the other side of it, manufacturers exposed this global economy in recession in europe, slowing in china, exports really matter, that's one of the reasons the manufacturing sector had a big turn around and declines in manufacturing sector which had been the guiding star and the light is disturbing.
11:30 am
that's because the business sector is now playing in a global arena where consumers were still here at home. >> you mentioned the global arena. you're a prognosticatoprognosti. let's prognosticate. you have this looming fiscal cliff who knows when and if they're going to agree on something, hopefully sometime after re-election in congress, you have what is happening in europe, the financial crisis, slow growth abroad. will any or all of that derail our recovery here as we hope for those steady few months that you were talking about? >> well, the reality is the potential is there to completely derail it. the fiscal cliff alone, $629 billion right off the top, beginning january 2013. that would throw us into recession in the beginning of the year if we went off the fiscal cliff. it looks like they're going to try to do something to avoid the whole fiscal cliff. at the end of the day, whatever they do, unless they do something very fundamental in terms of credible deficit reduction over a long period of time, moodies is threatening to
11:31 am
downgrade in the first six months of 2013. another rating agency, a little more patient, they'll give us until december. but they have not shown in washington a real ability on either side of the aisle to come together and get a bipartisan effort, which is what you need. look at greece, they almost got thrown out of the euro many times over for good reason, but nonetheless, by one party saying we're not going to play by the rules. we want to switch the rules we agreed to. you can't have one party determine something that is so important for the u.s. future and have anyone thinking that the next time somebody gets elected and the other party gets thrown out you could overturn whatever we decide on in terms of a path, a road map, for the future. if we have a road map in this country, we are real good, even if it has potholes of avoiding them. we don't know where they are. we're in the dark now. we don't have a flashlight in a dense forest right now. >> no flashlight. it is dense indeed. diane swonk, i hope to have you back in a couple of months. i hope to see the number ticking down and we can celebrate, we and the rest of the country, we
11:32 am
need it. >> i would love to be. love to be a surprise on the upside. >> i hope. thank you so much. and the wife, tann romney i getting ready for a special role on "good morning america". i'll talk to somebody on the inside of the morning show wars. don't miss it. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold... i took dayquil, but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't work on runny noses. what? male announcer ] it doesn't have an antihistamine.
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as the wife of a presidential nominee, ann romney knows how to take center stage. but next wednesday she will walk into a totally different kind of platform, one that no wife of a presidential candidate has ever taken. that being "good morning america." ann romney will be a guest co-host on the show. there is a vacancy as you watched the regular host, robin roberts is away on medical leave. so brian skelter for "the new york times," he's been writing about this and all things tv and
11:36 am
morning show and brian, good to have you back. >> thanks. >> is this not potential future first lady as a guest co-host, is this not unprecedented? >> i come up with one precedent for it, laura bush once was on one of the morning shows, sort of kind of guest hosting, but i think ann romney will be more of a special guest. abc says she won't quite be co-hosting, not leading cooking segments, but will be on throughout the 8:00 a.m. hour appearing and hopefully for romney's camp talking up mitt romney's campaign. >> will she -- >> a great opportunity for her. >> will she be sitting alongside george stephanopoulos during the 8:00 hour? >> it sounds like it. "gma" has been having a guest fill in for the last month, some called guest co-hosts, some haven't. stephen colbert was on, the cast of "modern family" took times, all part of a strategy to keep viewers watching "good morning america" while robin roberts is away on medical leave. ann romney's name was one of
11:37 am
first that came up when abc started to try to think about who could we bring in, surprise guests to keep the audience tuned. michelle obama's name came up and it sounds like abc is in talks to have first lady come on and be a guest, but it is not confirmed yet, but i would be surprised if michelle obama didn't take this opportunity now that ann romney is taking the opportunity. certainly abc would like to have both come on and kind of sort of guest host for an hour. >> so, i mean, you follow all of this, we here in the tv world, we follow all of this, "gma" is gang busters recently in terms of the competition between the biggest rival "today" on nbc. 800,000 more viewers tuned into "good morning america" over "today." how much of this is journalism, versus ratings? >>ou know, these shows are a mix of journalism and tertaient. each shohas a difrent mix.
11:38 am
cbs, nbc and abc. "good morning america" has cast chemistry. they love robin roberts, they're worried about her. the "today" show, things have been rocky. ann curry's departure left a lot of viewers angry and some of them went "gma." we haven't had a change in this in 16 years which makes it very notable. >> so ann xromney, next wednesday, on "gma." brian, thank you. >> thank you. >> any minute, president obama about to take the stage in a key, key swing state here. this is his first remarks since mitt romney responded to today's jobs report. we're watching out for that, bring it to you live in just a moment. yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs... you'll be able choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and you never need referrals. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. the president is speaking, there he is, cleveland state university. let's listen. >> one of the main reasons we had this crisis was because we had big banks on wall street making bets with other people's money.
11:42 am
now governor romney wants to roll back the rules we put in place to stop that behavior. don't boo, vote. one of the main reasons we went from record surpluses in into record deficits is because we put two wars and two tax cuts on a credit card. we didn't pay for. and now mr. romney wants another $5 trillion in tax cuts that he can't pay for. we're not going to let that happen. we are not going to fall backward, not with so much at stake, not now. it didn't work then. it won't work now. and that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states.
11:43 am
i will tell you, i'll tell you what we need to move forward. we got to invest in small business. we got to invest in manufacturers creating jobs here in ohio, here in the united states of america. we have got to recruit 100,000 new math and science teachers to train to make sure our young people have -- to make sure our young people have the skills that they need. we got to train 2 million workers at community colleges to bring down college tuition cost s. we got to cut our oil imports in half and create thousands of new jobs and energy. we got to use the savings from ending the war in iraq and afghanistan, to pay down our deficit. put some people to work, doing some nation building right here at home. that's the agenda we need. that's how you strengthen the middle class.
11:44 am
that's how you keep moving forward. that's the choice in this election. that's why i'm asking for your vote. now, my opponent, he's doing a lot of -- a little tap dance at the debate the other night. trying to wiggle out of stuff he's been saying for years. doing like a -- like "dancing with the stars." or maybe it was "extreme makeover." debate edition. but no matter what he says, my opponent, he's a big believer of the top downeconomics. he thinks if we spend another $5 trillion on tax cuts that favor the althiest, we get rid of more regulation on wall street, all our problems are going to be solved. jobs and prosperity will rain down from the sky.
11:45 am
deficits will magically disappear. we'll live happily ever after. even though he's been proposing this plan for months now, he's running into a little trouble explaining how it would work without blowing up the deficit or making it work for middle class families. the other night, he ruled out asking millionaires and billionaires to pay a dime more in taxes. he said no way he was going to close loopholes that are given big oil companies billions of dollars each year in corporate welfare. ending tax breaks for corporations that are shipping jobs overseas and profits overseas, he said he never heard of such a thing, never heard of it. who knew, he said. he acted shocked. said he needs a new accountant. his current accountant is doing just fine. >> president obama, already on the attack here, what are we a month and a day until the november 6th election, speaking
11:46 am
in a rainy cleveland state university, talking about his opponent, mitt romney, accusing him of tap dancing, tap dancing a ltle bit, mentioned what we heard, mitt romney mentioned the other night, $5 trillion in tax cuts, obama saying no way to pay for them. obama saying we need to invest in jobs. here he is talking about jobs on the day that has gotten this fairly stunning new unemployment rate number at 7.8%, so three ticks down fro8.1, which was last month. keep in mind there was one more monthly jobs report before that all important election in november. if you want to keep watching the president speak, go to back in a moment. jack, you're a little boring.
11:47 am
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friends describe him as the quiet kid, really sweet, gentle. but in the call he made to 911 early yesterday, he describes himself as, i'm quoting, pretty evil. listen to this oddly called voice identified by police at 17-year-old jake evans, describing what happened at his
11:50 am
family's home in a gated community in parker county, texas. >> what is the emergency? >> i just killed my mom and my sister. >> what? >> i just killed my mom and my sister. >> you just killed your mother and your sister? how did you do that? >> i shot them with a .22 revolver. >> young man, goes on to tell that 911 operator how exactly he lured his 15-year-old tonight at 8:00 eastern. have you noticed how world events seem to follow the plots of the you're going to see what we mean wen when he compare it to real life. .
11:51 am
evans is charged with capital murder and in jail without bond. we have yet to determine if he has an attorney yet. >> still ahead, i'll speak live with a woman running for office who threatened to drown a prominent republican but she did it online. part of this role playing game. we have got that for you. plus, one expert says he knows what the economy's biggest problem is, america's becoming a country of kings. and then you have everyone else. is he right? ♪ my life begins today ♪ ♪ fly by night away from here ♪ ♪ change my life again ♪ ♪ fly by night, goodbye my dear ♪ ♪y ship isn't coming ♪ icat pretoww! ♪ [ male announcer ] careful, you're no longer invisible
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11:55 am
here is one little tidbit, buried in today's report on unemployment. the few since more per hour, that most of us are being paid. the average hourly rate has risen 1.8% over the last year, that's 42 cents, hardly enough to make a dent between rich and poor in this country. last year, the rich got richer and most of the rest of us got poorer. this is according to census bureau estimates. we didn't need a bureau to tell us that, did we? everyone is feeling it. so what do we do about it? morgan brennan is a staff writer from "forbes" magazine. welcome back. nice to see you here. let's just begin with this, you
11:56 am
know, i read this article about the wealth gap, why is there such a wealth gap in the country today? much more so than since, like, the '20s. >> yeah. as you mentioned the rich are essentially getting richer and the middle class are getting poorer, not accumulating wealth at the same velocity as the rich. there is a lot of things contributing to this. the most glaring is the great recession. we still have 12 million americans that are unemployed. for those that are employed, 15% are underemployed. income has remained relatively flat after dropping. we still have 11 million home owners under water on their mortgages. all of these are hitting the middle class very hard, much harder than the wealthy who have been able to thwart those issues. so that has contributed to the wealth gap. i think there is actually an underlying issue here, maybe we're not hearing enough about, that's the idea of structural -- this idea of potentially structural unemployment. it is the idea that as technology evolves, corporations can do more with less. so we have seen a lot of
11:57 am
companies who have shed their jobs and they're not necessarily rehiring. and the reason is because technology is allowing them to do more with less. so it is interesting because if you look at corporate profits, after tax corporate profits this year, they're actually at their highest levels in over 60 years. so they're amassing money, going to investors, many investors have money to invest first place, that's rich people. your so-called 1%. >> let me jump in, here is a but, but reading about all of this is like a cycle. you have fewer jobs mean fewer americans with even less money to then, you know, spend less means then businesses suffer, but, you know, when businesses suffer, as you're pointing out, they're then trimming the fat, cutting the costs, then the employees suffer even more. it is a cycle. how do we fix it? >> i think that's the million dollar question. i think there is two presidential candidates who debated on wednesday. trying to answer some of the questions that are involved
11:58 am
there. and i think, first and foremost, we need to get to the presidential election. i think we also need to deal with the looming fiscal cliff. i think you have a lot of companies who are hesitant to hire and make major moves until we see major question marks resolved and you have to look at taxes, tax reforms on individual and corporate level. we need to take a look at things like education. interestingly, going back to the technology, we have a lot of americans out of work, but a lot of jobs in the technology field where we don't have enough skilled workers to fill them. maybe we need to look at education as well. >> read this quote from henry blodget, the business insider. here is what he said here. he said this is about our current system and philosophy. not sustainable. why not? they're creating a country of aful overlords and 300 million serfs, peasants. are you optimistic? will the middle class start rolling, bouncing back again?
11:59 am
>> i'd like to say yes, i'm hopeful. but i think it really is going to -- i think this is going to take time and i think it is going to come down a lot to policies and regulations and what our tax structure looks like moving forward. i think it will come down to the political elections as well and what americans see for their future. >> morgan brennan, thank you. i'll go with you on the glass half full, hopefully. morgan, thank you. >> okay. and as we continue on, welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. top of the hour, we're one month and one day from the 2012 election and the jobless rate, today we're talking jobs, jobs, jobs. it has taken a big dip. take a look. the new unemployment rate here, three ticks downward, 7.8%, that is down from the previous monthly reading of 8.1%. we're talking september here. so the september jobs creation hits six figures again. you see the number. 114,000. and this is interesting too, as it often does, the labor
12:00 pm
department revised its findings from the last two months, revised them substantially upward. this is the latest tally here, 142,000 new jobs, that's august. up from the earlier reading of 96,000, and let me take you back one more month, july, the new tally there, you see 181,000 new jobs. as we mentioned, the new jobless rate, 7.8%, it is the lowest of the obama presidency. and this could brighten the prospect of course for his re-election. however, mitt romney is out and about today, also in virginia, we saw the president, though, already on ohio, romney saying today that the recent unemployment is dropping is that more and more americans ve giv given given up finding work, even though more people are entering the pool of perspective workers. let's listen to romney and then the president. >> i'll tell you this, which i'm president of the united states, when i'm president of the united stat
12:01 pm
states, that unemployment rate is going to come down, not because people are giving up and dropping out of the workforce, but because we're creing more jobs. i will create jobs and get america working again. >> it is a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. because of your strength and resilience, the strength and resilience of the american people, we made too much progress to return to the policies that led to the crisis in the first place. i can't allow that to happen. i won't allow that to happen and that is why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. >> i want to talk more about this 7.8% number. alison kosik joining me from the new york stock exchange. to what do we attribute this .3% drop from august to september? >> okay, so the unemployment
12:02 pm
rate fell, brooke, because more people said they had jobs. what happened was when government workers picked up the phone and call up people on the phone for the survey, they asked them are you employed. and almost 900,000 more people said they had jobs in september than in august. that is essentially why the unemployment rate fell. okay, then there is a second separate survey that the government does, used to come up with that 114,000 job addition for the month. most economists say that is more important number. so that is really what economists say we all really should be focusing on. >> talking to an economist a little while ago, diane swonk, saying we can't -- while this is decent news, can't be celebrating unless there is a steady sort of downward trajectory for a couple of months. as we look at this and we're gaining jobs, the unemployment rate is still high. so how do you take this report? >> it is. and she's right about that, clearly. it is just okay news. but if you want to look at the pod positive, look at this, we were losing 700,0e ining 800,000 job
12:03 pm
during the depths of the recession. so we have been adding jobs, that's a good thing. but the harsh reality, it is not strong enough. we have yet to gain back what we lost during the recession. also, look at most of the job gains in september, guess what, they were in part time jobs, we need to see more full time jobs. but want to point out, glass half full, there are good things going on in the economy. housing is recovering. consumer confidence is picking up. spending is rebounding a little bit. and so there are positive signs in the economy, but the problem is, this isn't an economy that is operating on all cylinders. >> alison kosik, thank you. want to keep the conversation going because a lot of the discussion about the economy and the numbers has to do with the manufacturing sector. it had been a bright spot in the economy until now. today's unemployment report shows that the drop in manufacturing jobs specifically down 16,000 have -- a plant makes feed covers, commercial furnitures and for this plant they have been expanding, right,
12:04 pm
ted? >> reporter: absolutely. all good news here in elkhart county, indiana, they got hammered during the recession. we're talking 18.5% unemployment. but here as you mentioned, they're making seat covers for airlines. and for automobiles, and they have a different type of problem now, they have open jobs that they're trying to fill, which weiland designs and they have added 70 positions over the past year. they are trying to add more, but they're having trouble getting people in here. now, the unemployment rate in this county is at 8%, you would think why aren't people beating down the door, starting at $11 an hour and going up and full benefits. but kip we'iland, ceo, you're having trouble. it doesn't make sense. there is work. why aren't there workers? >> we have fairly specific skill needs and so it is just part of being an employer in this area is you have to be ready to
12:05 pm
train. the number of people who are -- can be proven reliable also that have the aptitude to merit some good training, that population of people to draw from is getting slimmer. >> and part of the reason, brooke, they're in competition with the rv industry, the boating industry, which is heavy in this area. they're also on the upswing. hiring people. one other thing i'll leave you with, which makes you shake your head, they have had issues with people who are on long-term unemployment, who don't want to get off it, they know there is jobs here, but they would rather take a little bit less money and not work at all and that's been a frustrating thing in this county. and this is this county. there are jobs available. different around the country, but here, you want to work in elkhart county, indiana, there is a job for you. >> that's great news. if you mentioned these are highly specialized jobs, is there training available for folks who need work? >> absolutely. we just met a couple of ladies
12:06 pm
that had no experience at all and they're getting a state grant here to help them with training, so if people are willing to work and this can be tedious, we're talking about sewing and standing on why are feet for long periods of time, but if you want to work, there is a job here with full benefits, and a decent wage in an area of the country with -- that is pretty cheap to live in. so this obvious isn't what is happening across the country, but in elkhart county there are jobs. >> there are jobs, we like it. ted rowlands, thank you. she's not a monster, but she plays one online. now republicans in maine are attacking the state senate candidate for her bizarre language online. she is about to join me live. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. more latinos are eligible to vote than ever before. soledad o'brien joins me live on whether that will make a difference this year. plus, a new movie about bin laden's death coming to a tv
12:07 pm
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12:10 pm
online alter egos, fair game for real life politics? a political race is taking a the real ist. lahobich is running for state senate in maine and likes the popular game called world of war craft. online she is santiaga, a high level assassination rogue with green skin and a mohawk. maine's state party has noticed this and they're attacking her, calling her unfit for office because of comments she made on this world of war craft game. now her opponent, state senator tom martin, told politico he met her once, said she seems like a
12:11 pm
nice lady. martin says he deplores mudslinging so he's not the one attacking her specifically. it is the state party here. so the state gop, they launched this attack, they launched this website calling it colleen's world featuring her sometimes violent comments about the game and others, sent out the press release questioning her bizarre double life. so colleen joins me now on the phone from waterville, maine. welcome, first and foremost. and just world of war craft. it is a hugely popular game, millions of fans, just first tell me why do you play? why do you enjoy it? >> thanks for having me, brooke. i guess it is just a hobby, just like anything else. >> just a hobby, just enjoy it. >> yeah. >> so i know it is one thing to you enjoy being online and playing a character, but it is another -- let me quote you here, now if you'll excuse me, i may have to go and hunt down grover nor quist and drown him
12:12 pm
in my bathtub. colleen, that is some put strong language. >> well, i think it is unfortunate that comments on the mailer and website were taken out of context. i haven't seen the website. i haven't gone to it. i haven't had time. >> let me just jump in, they took it out of context. how did they do that? how is it out of context? >> i haven't seen it. my understanding is that some of the comments are taken from blog posts about gaming, some of them are taken from other things there about blog posts and i think it is just unfair and inaccurate to mish-mash those together and taken it out of context. >> do you remember -- >> back to 2005, i was a private citizen, i wasn't running for office or anything. >> i understand. i have something in my hand, dated from april of 2009, where you talk about -- blogging about stabbing, i stab things a lot. so do you agree that you
12:13 pm
remember writing that from april of '09? >> i think i'm talking about gaming in that. >> gaming in that. gaming in that. let me just respond with what the state gop is saying specifically here, quote, we think anyone making comments about drowning grover norquist and stabbing things shows a shocking level of immaturity and poor judgment that voters should know about. and, you know, you're running for public office, common sense tells me that you shouldn't be threatening the life of a prominent republican, even if as you point out it is a game, even if it is in jest. am i wrong? >> whether it is online gaming or the website, i think really they're all distractions. yesterday it was the gaming. today it is the comments. who knows what they'll be saying about me tomorrow. we should be spending our time talking about what is important to maine people, like how to get mainers working again, how to make health care more affordable and lowering heating and energy costs. i'm a social worker, working
12:14 pm
with kids and families every day. i see firsthand the struggles of the maine families. we need to be focused on this. this is all just a distraction. >> if it is a distraction -- >> either in my work or knocking on doors running for office, no one is concerned about my hobbies, whether online games or knitting. >> apparently your opponent's party is very concerned about your gaming and the specific words you're using. i do just want to quote your own party, the democratic party in maine, the chair says it is time the republicans grew up and talked about the real issues. real issues. are you talking about real issues? >> that's what i'm doing every day. i must be doing something right if the maine republican party decided to attack me over online gaming and old blog posts. >> but in your online life -- >> i'm -- >> in your onlife lifne life, t are more quotes. i spent my day leveling my alt,
12:15 pm
an undead war lock and doing house cleaning and laundry. this is online. but, still, a lot of folks consider what is online is fair game. >> yeah. you know, my time and priorities have been focused on two things. getting out and meeting the people in my jurisdiction and working. i'm a social worker who works with kids and families in this area. i've spent 30 minutes on world of war craft, maybe an hour in the past ten months, and i also knit. so i would have to reprioritize my time and there is less time for knitting socks and playing games. >> as a social worker, should you be posting things about drownings and stabbings online? what if one of the children heard about this. >> i wourk primarily with teenagers and young people and one thing that has come out from this, this isn't about political affiliation. i heard from dozens of people all over the country, all over the world, lots of them conservatives, who are supportive of me because of --
12:16 pm
they think these attacks just go over the line and they're out of touch, particularly with young people. i mean, i really hope that a lot of the young people that i work with or anywhere across the world don't get discouraged from running from office because of things they may have said online. >> so no regrets? it is the 21st century and, you know, we have entered this new age, whether it is games, blogs, social media. do you regret anything? what if you win? will this change how you blog? >> actually i don't have my own personal blog. so, i mean, i think -- >> wherever it is you're blogging, will this change that? >> will it change? i haven't had much time for it in quite some time and that probably won't change. i'll probably be really busy and won't have a lot of time for that. i'll be -- if i win, i'll be working for the people of senate district 25 in maine. >> colleen, thank you for calling in. we appreciate it. coming up, mitt romney, is
12:17 pm
he hard right conservative, is he more moderate? my next guest followed romney's career and he said romney morphed into a veerly conservative primary candidate leaning so far to the right, he might have suffered from mild vertigo. ouch. now you can swipe... scroll... tap... pinch... and zoom... in your car. introducing the all-new cadillac xts with cue. ♪ don't worry. we haven't forgotten, you still like things to push. [ engine revs ] the all-new cadillac xts has arrived, and it's bringing the future forward. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? ye. phps' obp each helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. [ female announcer ] live the regular life.
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12:20 pm
who is the real mitt? there is this mitt romney. >> you have a problem with lug someone to finish speaking and i suggest if you want to become president of the united states, out you got to let both people speak. >> is he the hard right conservative who beat out the republican field to win the gop nomination? or is he more moderate mitt romney? >> when i'm governor and i'm convinced i will be, i'll preserve and protect a woman's right to choose and -- >> more like the romney who ran for governor of massachusetts back in 2002, the supporter of abortion rights? fred bales is the director of boston university state house program, also boston-based reporter during romney's years as governor. welcome. nice to have you on here. >> nice to be here. >> as you're watching the debate wednesday night, who was that
12:21 pm
romney, hard right romney or was it massachusetts romney? >>le it, it was a little bit of both. it was a romney back in transition, i think. as one could expect, once he had won his primary, he moved back to the center, he was on a national stage as the presidential candidate. and he was trying to be a much more centrist politician than he could be when he was running for the republican primary. >> and, you know, there is something he tout multiple times as a republican governor, in the state of massachusetts, which is, as you know, at the time for him it was 87% democrat, he said he had to cross the aisle a lot to get anything done. let me play a little bit of when he was talking about that wednesday. >> i like the way we did it in massachusetts. i like the fact that in my state we had republicans and democrats come together, and work together. what you did instead was to push through a plan without a single
12:22 pm
republican vote. when massachusetts did something quite extraordinary, elected a republican senator, to stop oba care, you pushed it through anyway. on a importapartisan basis, ins bringing america together and having a discussion on the important topic. >> you covered him. how much did he really work with dems versus having, you know, them -- having his vetoes -- having his vetoes overridden. >> well, you have to understand something about massachusetts politics and massachusetts government. it is a strong legislature system to begin with. and when you have an overwhelming majority of democrats in both the house and the senate, the governor really almost takes on a figure head role when it comes to legislative action. the legislature does what it wants to do and it has done that with republican governors, three republican governors before roey and done it with democratic gernors before and after romney.
12:23 pm
>> what about education. you write about education because it was romney that said wednesday night we drove our schools to be number one in the nation. how much of that, fred, was that romney versus the system he inherited when he took office? >> it is just that he inherited -- had been trending up for the last decade. in 1983, you know, in august the s.a.t. reports came out, about eight months into his administration, and massachusetts at the top in terms of scores, and this is among the top states in terms of student participation. so, again, i liken it to somebody standing out in the weather and either being blamed for the weather or taking credit for it. they had nothing to do with it. >> okay. let's continue with the weather analogy but talk taxes. he talks about how he didn't raise taxes in massachusetts, even though the state was up against a $3 billion budget gap.
12:24 pm
i know we have done, you know, fact checking, we know that's true. he didn't. but there is a but. >> there is a whole bunch of buts. there is -- when you look at anybody's record. especially a governor's record. one of the buts is the fact that the democratic legislature prior to his election had passed a fairly large tax increase of over a million dollars. secondly, he and the legislature raised fees and licenses, license fees, and there is still a debate about whether that was anywhere from 250 to $500 million in increases as well. so -- in terms of writing the state budgets, there is always a little bit of smoke and mirrors that goes on with hiding a deficit as well. so something that is very common in massachusetts, other states, and common to both democratic and republican governors. >> absolutely. let's make the point, it is not
12:25 pm
just republicans, democrats as well can take credit for or blame the weather in their own state. fred bales, your piece, go to thank you, sir. >> thank you. vegas, vegas, the home of glitz and glamour, gambling as well and a group of republicans desperately want. >> you build an entire fence along the entire border and would you have it be electrified? >> i will build a double walled fence. >> coming up next, soledad o'brien live with me to talk about her new documentary and why many latinos aren't too happy with republicans. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events,
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more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ]
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[ "the odd couple" theme playing ] humans. even when we cross our "t"s and dot our "i"s, we still run into problems -- mainly other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, we understand. that's why our auto policies come with accident forgiveness if you qualify,
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where your rates won't go up due to your first accident, and new car replacement, where if you total your new car, we give you the money for a new one. call... to talk to an insurance expert about everything else that comes standard with our base auto policy. [ tires squeal ] and if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, your repairs are guaranteed for life. call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? with the election just 32 days away, the pressure is on. the pressure is on for both parties to woo hispanic voters. it is especially true in battleground states like nevada, where republicans are polling way behind democrats with
12:29 pm
latinos. is it too little too late for republicans in nevada? that is something that soledad o'brien is taking a close look at in her upcoming documentary, calling it latino in america, courting their vote. >> reporter: las vegas, nevada, beyond the glitz and the glamour in the shadow of high rollers and high stakes gambling is high stakes politics. ♪ this is the las vegas you rarely see. nevada is home to the fastest growing latino population in the country. more than a quarter of the state's population is now hispanic. in 2008, those latino voters helped turn this historically republican state democratic.
12:30 pm
and, again, all eyes are on this crucial swing state and its six electoral votes. >> the goal is to get as much support as we can from the hispanic community. >> reporter: hector is one of the people in charge of latino outreach nationally, for republican presidential nominee mitt romney. do you think latinos will determine who is the next president? >> they could. obviously it is a growg electorate and it will continue to grow in the elections to come. i don't think either party can take that vote for granted. >> reporter: democrats are fighting to hold on to nevada. with political heavy hitters like senate majority leader harry reid, courting the latino community. it is a huge opportunity, nearly 300,000 voters are latino. >> all over the country, no more magnified any place than nevada is the hispanic vote. >> reporter: republicans want to take the state back. in seven out of the last ten elections, nevada voted
12:31 pm
republican. >> we understand to win, you don't -- you have to win the hispanic vote. we have to be engaged. >> courting their vote, here she is, soledad o'brien. good to see you, soledad. >> thank you, brooke. >> in talking to a number of the latinos in nevada, do they feel like there is this equal effort from both democrats and republicans to win their vote? >> we saw that on both sides, whether latinos who are democrats or latinos who were republicans or folks trying to figure out where they belong. they're frustrated. they feel like the democrats have broken promises. they feel like the republicans have harsh rhetoric on immigration and even though polling shows that latinos are more likely to align themselves with democrats, there is a lot of frustrations certainly on both sides. >> soledad o'brien, we will be watching. thank you for joining me. i just tweeted it out. watch the documentary, it comes up this sunday 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. eastern. soledad, thank you very much.
12:32 pm
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12:35 pm
second chances. you believe in them? we all do, right? at least in theory. but what about a 20 something guy convicted of robbing banks, as in five banks. going to plop down your money and pay for this convicted bank robber to go to law school? he is getting a second chance from bill and melinda gates of microsoft fame. a book he wrote caught their attention called lawman, my story of robbing banks, winning supreme court cases and finding redemption. shawn is joining me from seattle, where he's attending the university of washington law school. welcome. we're going to talk about the supreme court and the redemption in a moment. take me back to 1997, you are a college dropout, you're broke,
12:36 pm
maybe you're bored, why did you rob these banks? >> brooke, it wasn't just one reason. it was a number of things. i woke up every morning with no real hope, no real guidance on what i wanted to do and it was, you know, some depression issues, some addiction, drug and alcohol, and just a feeling of hopelessness. and when you don't think about your actions, you know, how your actions will affect people, it means you're very desperate. >> so you weren't thinking? you weren't thinking when you did this in. >> exactly. exactly. i was 21 when this happened, and obviously the guy you're talking to now is not the same kid that was 21 years old that did these horrible things. >> let's talk about that guy. but, you know, you did get caught. and this is where your story takes such a different turn you filed this petition to the u.s. supreme court, from prison, on behalf of a fellow prisoner and
12:37 pm
out of 7,000 petitions, the supreme court picks yours. you got this -- you could say it was a pretty lucky break, a break clearly changing your life. tell me about that. >> yeah. so it was one of those moments, much like when people have children where you know things just aren't going to be the same anymore. a presideisoner came running ou morning screaming and yelling at me. my first thought was he was coming to fight me. but you don't usually go to a fight carrying a newspaper and it was a copy of the "usa today" saying this petition had been granted and how unlikely that was given it was filed by a nonlawyer indigent prisoner. >> so that happened. you filed this petition. then fast-forward to, you know, bill and melinda gates and the scholarship, only five are awarded, five, each year, incredibly competitive. you've received one of these. you're a convicted felon, shawn.
12:38 pm
what do you tell all the other people who applied who have not broken the law and here you are, getting the scholarship. what do you say to them? >> well, i say that it wasn't just -- they didn't give me the scholarship because i robbed banks. and they really didn't give me the scholarship just because i was able to make something of myself after that. one of the biggest criteria they used is they want people that can make a difference in public interest law, and they know what a huge issue mass incarceration is, we incarcerate more people than any other country in the world and they knew that's what i wanted to do for the rest of my life and i'm dedicated to that. and that's one of the primary reasons why they gave me the scholarship. >> shawn, congratulations, but 20 seconds, what do you do next once you finish law school? >> exactly what i told you. i want to become a lawyer that -- >> but specifically -- >> -- provides legal services to
12:39 pm
people who can't afford it, which is almost a majority of the population. and i want to work on sentencing reform and helping people that are disadvantaged. >> shawn, good luck. good luck. sounds look a once hopeless man has turned into a man full of hope. we appreciate it. >> thank you, brooke. young kids taking care of disabled or sick family members. it is a growing population. who is it that takes care of these young caregivers? a cnn hero like connie sakowsky. you'll meet her right after this. e living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these
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12:42 pm
speaking of cnn heroes, we like to shine the spotlight on one of the top ten cnn heroes of 2012. as you can vote. reminder, you can vote for your hero, go to the next honoree is bringing a hidden population out of the shadows, children who are caregivers for sick or aging
12:43 pm
loved ones. >> are you okay? you want me to help you? >> my mom has been sick for as long as i can remember. you need more methadone. it is a bigger priority than -- i don't know what i would do if something happened to her. i wouldn't be able to really live. >> in the united states, there are at least 1.3 million children caring for someone who is ill or injured or elderly or disabled. >> there are physical effects, the stresses of it and the worries. >> thank you so much. >> but the children suffer silently. >> quiet suffering is what our cnn hero nominee, connie siskowski, is trying to end. she started a nonprofit group that gives young people support, understanding, helps them stay in school and hold on to their childhood. she joins me live from boynton
12:44 pm
beach, florida. nice to have you on. nice to meet you. just hearing what you said, you said some children are suffering silently. what do you mean by that? >> i mean that without support they don't have a voice. they fear. sometimes things split up from their family. and they don't feel that they have someone to talk to. they don't want to be different. and so we are giving them a voice. >> and you started -- let me give the name out, the care giving youth project at boca raton middle school, the first project from what i understand, the first project of its kind in the whole country. and i'm sure you met so many students, but can you just, you know, in a minute tell me about one student whose life you really helped turn around. >> well, one student was from boca middle school, and he and his family moved in with their
12:45 pm
grandparents, his grandmother had alzheimer's disease. and he was one of those kids that were suffering silently. he participated in one of our exile sk skills building routes and we provided respite so his mom who was also helping with his grandmother had a break and he did too. as his grandmother deteriorated, he was really the only one that could help her calm down. so the demands on him were very great. >> and that is one story i'm sure of many, many. i tip my hat to you and all of your work. just finally what do you hope being now one of our cnn heroes or a nominee what do you hope that does for you for your project? >> well, brooke, we're so grateful to see an end for helping to raise awareness because as we said before, this is a hidden population. and our ultimate goal is that no child in the united states should have to drop out of
12:46 pm
school because of family care giving responsibilities. while we started at boca raton middle school, we serve over 550 students in palm beach county and are replicating our work in other parts of the country. >> connie siskowski, thank you. we thank you so much for your work and as you are one of our top ten cnn heroes for 2012. vote for your choice for hero of the year. all you do is go to and we'll reveal your 2012 hero of the year, december 2nd. set the dvr now. . peaceful protest or straight up breaking the law. hours after being released from jail, actress turned activist daryl hannah joins me to talk about what went wrong as she and another woman protested the construction of the pipeline in texas.
12:47 pm
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12:49 pm
actress daryl hannah takes on a bulldozer. here you go. here she is, running with someone else here. this is a texas field, putting their hands out. she and texas field putting their hands out. she and this fellow protester
12:50 pm
were arrested yesterday trying to stop the construction of the southern portion of the keystone xl pipele. now, supporters say the full pipeline, which let's be clear has yet to be approved, will transport crude oil from canada to the gulf of mexico creating jobs. but it is obviously daryl hannah does not agree. she and fellow protester here join me live from texas. ladies, welcome, first and foremost. i know the southern portion of the pipeline has gotten the proper approval. daryl, let's start with the beginning here. as we look at this video, tell us what you were doing, why were you trying to stop it? >> first of all we were on eleanor's property. eleanor's been accused of trespassing on her own property. and what we're doing is objecting to a foreign company coming in and trampling american
12:51 pm
landowners property rights for their own private financial gain. this is an export line. it's not transporting crude. it's transporting tar sands which is a very different substance, very corrosive and toxic. >> transcanada would say the pipeline would be the safest that's ever built. crude is no dirtier than the oil we're getting from venezuela. "it is unfortunate miss hanna and other out of state activists have chosen to break the law, tie up scarce law enforcement resources to deal with these matters and put themselves in our workers at risk. transcanada like american energy companies operating in canada has the legal authority to build this pipeline under texas state law on the fair child property the commissioner's court granted us the easement and establish compensation which mrs. fairchild is disputing. are you disputing that? and what is your next step? >> i'm not disputing that they have the right because texas
12:52 pm
laws gave them the right to come across my property. i'm protesting to stop tar sands anywhere in the united states because it's the dirtiest fuel in the world. and we have to be careful what we do and not contaminate our water, our air. we can live without oil. we can't live without water. >> but this has been approved at least in this section of the country. and we see these pictures of you all, you know. what were you saying? what were they saying back to you as we see your arms out clearly protesting this tractor? >> i think it's pretty ironic that transcanada said we were foreign activists. i mean -- >> out of state.
12:53 pm
>> out of state. she is a texan on her own property which she still has to pay the taxes for even their easement which she never gave them approval for. she never agreed to it. so we're talking about a foreign company. not even out of state. a company that is a foreign company coming in and taking americans land through eminent domain for what is supposed to be the greater good but it's really for an export line so that they can make profits by selling it to china and india. so let be clear this is not oil that's for this country. this is not oil that is regular normal crude. eleanor's been in the oil business for many, many years, 50 years. she was in the oil business. she doesn't have a problem with pipelines or crude oil. she has a problem with tar sands. tar sands are very, very toxic. they endanger our soil, our precious water in the midst of enormous drought. >> i understand. i understand. and i know you all have certainly done your homework and you know about this stuff. i just have to get the other
12:54 pm
side. again, transcanada says this stuff is no dirtier than what we're getting from venezuela and california. those are the two perspectives. daryl hannah, here's my question to you, i remember the last time you were on this show you had just been arrested i want to say just outside the white house protesting this very same project, the keystone xl pipeline. >> that's right. >> obviously a project that's continuing. and here's the video. here's the video august of 2011. aren't there other ways for you to help get your point to these key decision makers versus having cameras there, getting arrested, walking away. >> there's been actions all across this pipeline, actually throughout canada. one of the reasons transcanada is trying to get to the gulf of mexico is because canadians won't let it get to their own coastline. there's been actions, all types of actions. the white house was surrounded by tens of thousands of people. >> but then why take it --
12:55 pm
>> opposing it -- >> but then why take it -- >> -- because i felt it was imperative to come and support the texas landowners who are in opposition to this. their rights have been trampled. they have been bullied. they have been threatened. they have been slapped with lawsuits that threaten to make them go bankrupt. it's, you know, sort of a last line of resistance. why don't you talk about your frustration. >> yeah. eleanor fairchild, final question to you, if transcanada were listening to you right now, what would you say? >> well, i would tell them that it's a dangerous project. they don't have the technology. their first phase of this line had 12 leaks in 12 months. they say it's not in the pipeline, it's in the pump stations. my heart is a pump station. they wouldn't say my heart in part of my body.
12:56 pm
and i say the pump stations is the heart of their pipeline. they wouldn't have a pipeline if they didn't have pump stations. it is a very dangerous fuel. and i think until we have technology to handle it, we need to leave it alone. >> okay. daryl hannah and eleanor fairchild, we thank you both. once again, still waiting for that final approval from the administration on the pipeline in its entirety, ladies, thank you. and we all remember of course the raid by seal team 6 brought down osama bin laden last may. first there was a book. now a tv movie is set to air about how that drama unfolded days before the presidential election. [ male announcer ] here's a fun fact: this single scoop of gain gives more freshness
12:57 pm
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get 0% apr financing for 60 months or trade up to get the 2012 chevy silverado all-star edition with a total value of $8,000. hurry in before they're all gone! a movie about the raid that killed osama bin laden will air just two days before the presidential election. and the timing here has some people really sort of fuming over this. could it give president obama an
12:59 pm
unfair advantage on election day? first, here is a sneak at what they're calling seal team six. >> analysts have on several occasions recognized the man who appears taller than the rest. >> he is osama bin laden. >> how do we know this isn't a trap? >> national geographic channel will air "seal team six" on november 4th. guess who owns national geographic channel? ws corps. same company that owns fox news. the film is distributed by